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 When we think of self care, our first thoughts may be bubble baths and a good sleep, but things such as a very productive day of work or hosting friends for an afternoon of coffee are equally caring gestures towards ourselves. Self care is largely about doing the things we know are good for ourselves and prioritizing them over things that are less meaningful.

The hustler culture tends to kick hard at the beginning of the year when we all put incredible effort towards creating the change we want to see this new year. While that is admirable, it is also unrealistic if we do not accompany our hard-work culture with self-care habits. Coffee is often associated with a culture and attitude of hard work. We pour it in our thermos and drink it as if it were our own version of jet-fuel, but in coffee growing countries coffee is more closely associated with self-care and slowing down activities. On that note, here is a list of self-care activities around coffee you may have not thought of.



Sobremesa is one of those simple and yet luxurious activities customary of coffee farms. It usually takes place on Sundays, when the family gathers around the table to eat lunch and follow their meal with some coffee and conversation. Sometimes the conversation is switched for card games or other sorts of board games. What matters is that it is meant to be a time in which you are not thinking of a schedule, productivity, or anything of that matter. The coffee helps with digestion and helps beat the afternoon slump that usually follows a large meal. Sometimes a big jug of black coffee alone is brought to the table after lunch signaling the start of the sobremesa, and other times the coffee is accompanied by dessert. 

There is no wrong way to do sobremesa as long as you are mentally unplugged from the stressors of the week and enjoying the camaraderie and joy distinctive of this self-care practice. 

Quiet Time

Most (if not all) pediatricians insist that children need a few hours of quiet time during the day. Why? Because their brains are experiencing fast neurological connections and consequently, require time to rest and recharge. While this is a well known fact about children and pre-schools insist on nap time, for adults it is not much different. It is proven that we are happier, healthier, and even more productive if we take breaks. Call it a grown up quiet time, in which you must simply take a break from all tasks and enjoy 30 minutes or so of peace and quiet. 

This quiet time may be in the morning, when you sit whether in bed or somewhere quiet around your home and enjoy your morning coffee without running around getting ready or pouring it in a thermos on your way out to be consumed during your commute. Just do nothing while drinking your coffee. Think of your day ahead, meditate, and pray. 

Another good time for quiet time is around noon. I personally do it after lunch. I drink my coffee in silence. Sometimes I simply take my time to think about any complex thing I’ve had in mind or anything that may be coming up that requires some thought. This is also a good time to read something that takes you away from “real life.” Perhaps a novel or something that makes you forget and disconnect about the ups and downs of everyday life.

Deep Work

As I mentioned in the beginning, sometimes cranking up work is the most caring thing you can do for your future self. Avoiding procrastination or postponing things that will cost you more in the long run is something that you’ll be thanking yourself for! If you have a large task to tackle, consider making yourself an extra special coffee, get situated somewhere where you know there’d be no interruptions, and focus for about 5 hours. 5 hours should be enough time to be productive. Past that, your brain will be tired and you will be getting easily distracted. At that point you are better off having some quiet time or sobremesa, as these activities recharge your brain. 

Crafting Time

Doing crafts exercises your creativity and encourages play. This is crucial in order to properly rest your brain! While you may not feel passionate about coloring or doing macaroni necklaces, learning how to properly make a cappuccino or how to do some latte art counts as crafting time, as your brain will be focused on creating something beautiful. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials and here’s an article covering the basics on how to do latte art.  Taking your time to not do something productive and instead focus on something that relaxes your brain helps us avoid burnout and consequently avoid burnout. A well done brew is quite a craft, so start playing around and improve your mental and emotional health while in the process. 



Coffee culture is quite kind and gentle to us humans, and these tips are an example of how.


Incorporating these simple self care activities can have an immense impact in our overall well-being and foster a healthy lifestyle. Whether you practice only one of these activities or all of the above, there is no doubt that these activities will have a positive impact in your life. Which one will you try first?

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