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This is

Guadalupe Roastery

From day one, our mission has been fueling the moments that matter in the lives of everyone our coffee touches and empowering the men and women who make it possible. With your support and purchase, you have empowered the communities and families we work with to create and build local businesses supporting child education, sustainable farming, and the development of better daily practices.  

As We Journey Into 2022...

Last year, Rolyn and Lorena’s school has taken under their wing their largest class yet as they fight for educational freedom while trying to secure funds for a classroom building. Additionally, the workers have been able to build a new wet mill on site, allowing almost every process from seedling to carefully-selected coffee bean to be done at one location. This saves the farm time and money and allows them to reallocate those resources to local education of children and adults, building safer housing, and hiring local workers to encourage dignified work while supporting the local economy.

Thank You for Drinking Our Coffee

So thank you. Thank you for drinking coffee. Thank you for supporting our mission. And thank you for the direct role you play in allowing these men and women to build into each other, their children, and there communities for generations to come. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best directly sources coffee and empower those who create it. This is Guadalupe Roastery. This is your family. Thank you!

Use Code: THXGR for 10% off your next order or current subcription


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