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Tasting notes: Orange , Chocolate, Fruity
Acidity: Average
Body: Average
Sweetness: Average 

Our Top Selling Bean

Supporting Nicaraguan farmers since 2019.

Learn more about Guadalupe's relationship with farmers from around the world. Purchasing more than 85,000 lbs of the top 3% of beans of the world for common good.

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Nicaragua Medium Roast - GuadalupeRoastery

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Smooth bodied, with a bright acidity, carrying floral, citrus and chocolate notes, and a sweet aroma.


Colombian Medium Roast - GuadalupeRoastery

$13.56  16.95

This medium-bodied roast carries a citrus-like acidity. Roast is sold as both whole bean or ground for your convenience!


Brazil Medium Roast - GuadalupeRoastery

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Full-bodied softness, nuttiness, and low acidity. This roast carries sweet tones with a slightly nutty and chocolate flavor,