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Picture this, you wake up after a Christmas Eve celebration. There is the joy and cheer of Christmas all around but you are probably tired and moving slowly. It is in between last night’s party and the party to come. Christmas morning is that cherished unique pocket in time and here are some tips to make it the best time for you and your loved ones. 

The Coffee

Clearly the drink of choice given that you may need the caffeine to keep up with the energy level due to the celebration, but you may also need all the help one can get with digestion. But this is a special day, and it deserves a special kind of coffee. I would suggest a quick latte. Simply warm some milk on the stove, once hot, put it in a blender with instant coffee and brown sugar to taste (as strong or milky as you’d like), and blend it on high. The result will be a foamy latte. If you’d like something more elaborate and special check out this article on some Obscure Coffee Recipes From Around The World or this one on the delightful Mexican Café de Olla. 

Plan an Activity

As a kid, my Christmas mornings consisted of playing with whatever gifts Santa had brought me or my siblings. That was the highlight, but nowadays I live far from my family and I tend to spend Christmas mornings with friends and roommates. We still get together, have coffee, and bond over an activity even though it is not around toys. Consider a morning walk just to look at Christmas decorations and relax, or maybe a game. It could be everyone’s favorite or plan ahead something unique such as a trivia game around a theme everyone is interested in, a classic card game, or charades. I personally believe real friendships are built upon these sort of activities. 


Your environment may already have a festive touch, but don’t lower the bar. Keep it up by lighting candles, use special napkins, and turn on the twinkle lights. Goodness is in the details, and goodness should be the theme for the whole season. Aside from the physical decorations, consider ambiance music. Full on Christmas jingles are the clear choice, but if you’d like something less distracting, here is a YouTube Christmas fireplace you can set on the TV to create an ambiance. 

Create Memories

If you’ve done everything above, I am sure you are having a jolly time with your loved ones and it is time to freeze this moment in photographs and capture all the love and silliness in videos. You’ll never regret having too many recollections of this informal party. Be thoughtful of taking photos for yourself and your family and not just thinking of what will get you social media likes. There is a magic to the intimacy of family movies and photography and you should even consider printing these photos and making an old-fashioned photo album. 

I hope your Christmas morning celebration is filled with cheer and joy, and every second is a happy one. May your loved ones feel cherished and every heart is filled with the non-material gifts of the season. 

Merry Christmas!

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