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If you're seeking to enhance your coffee offerings while cutting costs! Guadalupe Roastery is dedicated to delivering the finest coffee beans directly from the source. Our array of Specialty Coffees and flavor profiles ensures there's something to delight every palate, ranging from Nicaraguan to Colombian, Haitian to Ethiopian—each cup resonating with Stories of Faith, Values, and Tradition. Our Nicaraguan coffee, a standout, ranks among the top 3% globally, sourced directly from our farmers, embodying the essence of our mission. With each sip, experience more than just exceptional quality; you're backing families, nurturing unity, and championing the message of the Catholic Faith. Join us as we spread this mission of evangelization—one cup at a time.

Why Choose Guadalupe Roastery Wholesale?


At Guadalupe Roastery, we believe that every cup of coffee holds the potential to be more than just a beverage—it can be a Sacred experience, a connection to our Catholic faith, and an opportunity for Evangelization. Our commitment to Catholic values guides every aspect of our operation, from sourcing the finest coffee beans to nurturing relationships with our farmers. When you choose Guadalupe Roastery, you're not just purchasing coffee—you're supporting a mission rooted in love, compassion, and community.

Specialty Coffee

Special Quality in Every Sip: Our coffee beans are sourced directly from our family of farmers in Nicaragua, who receive fair compensation, nearly double the New York stock market price. We allocate resources to the farms to ensure that families are supported and united at the source.

Direct Savings $

Direct savings on the purchase price – on top of that, whether it's for raising funds for your parish, mission trip, or imbuing your coffee shop with a Catholic purpose, we're here to offer the best price reduction solution so you can have a margin and a stake in this coffee story.

Single Origin 🌿

We make sure to source the coffee directly from the hands of Catholic farmers at origin. These farmers not only share the same faith but also introduce our customers to the delights of coffee grown at over 5,000 feet above sea level. With rich notes of chocolate and fruits, this coffee ranks in the top 3% of the best coffee beans in the world

Nicaraguan Coffee

With scores of 85/100 on the SCA Scale, Nicaraguan coffee is an excellent choice for wholesale sales due to its remarkable notes revealed in the roasting profiles and the exceptional quality achieved through small-batch roasting. Guadalupe Roastery boasts a track record of having bought and sold over 140,000 pounds of Nicaraguan coffee, offering a testament to its popularity and reliability. We paid to Our Farmers an extra 80% above the New York Stock Exchange price, ensuring fair compensation for our farmers. Beyond coffee, we integrate teachings of the faith and promote Catholicism through the relationships nurtured over coffee. Our house special, Nicaraguan coffee, is a testament to this commitment, guaranteed to delight your customers. The aromatic experience of opening a bag of Nicaraguan coffee transports you to the tropical mountains of Nicaragua.

Watch the video that narrates how we get the coffee.

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Contact us now to obtain the access code for our wholesale offers! Simply email us at brad@guadaluperoastery.com or give us a call at +1 239-986-0550.

Explore our selection of Specialty Coffee beans and flavor profiles. Get in touch today to elevate your coffee offerings and delight your customers with the finest quality coffee. Alternatively, you can leave us your contact details below, and we'll reach out to provide you with the access code.

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