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Once long ago, someone tried to convince me that coffee was really bad for my mind and body. They insisted that coffee negatively impacts the nervous system, the heart, and my bones. Not to mention my skin, brain, and teeth. As someone hoping to be strong and healthy, I cared about this possibility and took it upon myself to research what coffee truly does to my mind and body. 


New studies done in England show that the stress resulting from coffee consumption has more positive than negative effects on our bodies. The adrenaline kick we get from caffeine increases our cardiovascular health and increases our ability to focus. Both of these things are positive stimulations for our heart and brain, and are hard to reach through other sources of food and drink. 

The word stress may have somewhat of a bad connotation, but stress is healthy. Our bodies are made to face and overcome stimulations, and ride out the adrenaline kick we get from coffee. Ultimately, caffeine is somewhat working out our brains and hearts, and while there are many other ways to do so such as working out, coffee accompanies these other forms of stimulations really well. 

As with almost everything concerning our bodies, moderation is key, and for the stress caused by coffee to have a negative impact on your body, one must consume over 5 cups per day. Take into account that different coffees, roasts, and brewing methods have different caffeine levels and people’s individual tolerance levels fluctuate. 


Antioxidants aid cellular health and consequently, help prevent cancer and many other diseases. They are crucial for a healthy body and they are found in most fruits, vegetables, and almost anything else that grows from soil including teas and coffee. There are different types of antioxidants and coffee is high in polyphenols, an antioxidant capable of keeping heart vessels flexible and healthy. Polyphenols also help manage blood pressure and overall promote good circulation. This is one of the many reasons why coffee is actually good for your heart.

Polyphenols can do even more, they reduce inflammation across the body, reduce and balance sugar levels, and consequently help prevent diabetes. 


Big Pharma makes an insane amount of money on diuretic pills and while in some extreme cases the lab-made pill is necessary, for most of us the diuretic properties of coffee are more than enough to keep our bodies clean and balanced. Too much of it can cause dehydration but if you keep your water consumption at healthy levels, the diuretics of coffee will do more good than bad. 


I’ve heard many times that coffee is bad for your bones, but this study by the University of South Australia states that as we’ve seen before, it is only harmful in excessive quantities. Calcium is crucial for our bones and due to coffee’s diuretic effect we may be expelling calcium through our urine if we over do the coffee. According to this study, consuming 800 mg of coffee in a period of six hours or less. That is the equivalent of six cups of coffee in a span of six hours. The conclusion is the same as most other concerns, coffee only has a negative impact on the body when consumed in excess. 

Is coffee a drug?

Coffee has been categorized as a drug due to the fact that it stimulates the nervous system. It increases our ability to focus and our mood in a moderate enough mode that it is not a problem for most people, but in some extreme cases, people can create a dependent bond towards coffee similar to the one with heavy drugs and alcohol. The internet is filled with memes regarding coffee addictions among all of us who have created the habit that some see as more of a dependency, but real coffee addictions are quite rare given that the way coffee stimulates our bodies is mild compared to the heavier drugs often connected with the term “drug.”

In conclusion, it is safe to say that there are more benefits than downsides to drinking coffee in moderate amounts. Accompanied by a healthy lifestyle that includes other nutrient rich foods and regular exercise, coffee can benefit your mind and body. Understand your own tolerance levels and consume accordingly, so you may truly enjoy coffee for all its health benefits, which are just one other reason why coffee and humans have such a warm relationship. 


Take into account the fact that when we talk about the benefits of coffee we are truly talking about good quality coffee. The only type of coffee that really should be consumed. Coffee brewed from quality beans and with the proper brewing methods. The healthiest coffee is the one just brewed from properly grown and sourced beans. 


A coffee per day, keeps the doctor away. 

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