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Burnout has existed for as long as humans have been around, but it seems like nowadays it is more prevalent than in previous decades. Why? Probably because We live in the age of hustling and overachievers. We take pride in working hard and accomplishing above the expected, and while there is goodness in this attitude, it is also true that we can crash. 

Balance is everything, for it is not worth it to be super productive if later you will crash and mentally or emotionally hurt yourself to the point that you can’t keep up with your own work ethic. There’s an innate order problem here and if your dynamic causes you to burnout, you need to adjust to a routine that helps you be productive and well rested at the same time. Here are some tips to make that happen.

Time blocking.

It is one thing to have a lot to do. It is a whole other ball field knowing when you will do it and how long it should take you. The stress of meeting a certain deadline can be smoothed over if we can make clear in our mind and schedule when certain things will happen. It also makes it way more likely that they will actually happen. Consequently, time blocking can result in getting more done and in a less overwhelming manner. 


Avoid multitasking.

You could do a lot and yet accomplish so little. That is often what results from multitasking. It is also going to make your work less enjoyable and profound as multitasking only truly works with superficial activities. You are also increasing your chances to make mistakes and have to come back to do corrections or re-do things. In the long term it is making you work more and for longer. 
Did you know: A big reason why coffee is served at corporate meetings is due to the fact that having a hot drink in hand encourages everyone to avoid distractions. The coffee helps your brain focus but it also helps to keep your hands and senses busy while not distracting you from conversation. 
Put your phone away.

According to science, it takes us two minutes to reach a level of “deep work.” meaning, to deep concentration and focus, to the point where we can engage in analytical work, deep thoughts, and efficient focus. Having your phone beep with notifications while you work makes it much more difficult to maintain and constantly return to a state of focus in which you can actually be productive. 

Work towards self-actualization.

Include micro-passions into everything you do. Excel may not be your greatest passion, but enjoying a good coffee while doing it, having instrumental music you like in the background, using labels with your favorite colors (those that bring you the most joy and peace are small ways to make what you do meaningful. You can also do it in big ways, by lining up your job with things you care about deeply.

It will be less draining to get through an excel sheet if this is your budget and you know that by doing this tedious task you are contributing towards things you care deeply about such as your family’s financial well-being. 


Keep working hard my friends and avoid the great crash, because your productivity and wellness depend on it. Make sure your work ethic is not like the one of a dog chasing a car. Committed and exhausted, but unsure of its purpose. Think of your own efforts from the lens of longevity, as a professional athlete who needs rest days and days in which you give your all. Never forget to take care of yourself. 

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