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There you are, seating at home, or somebody else’s home, or a café, with a warm cup of coffee in hand. You have managed to secure yourself a coffee date, and while those dates are the easiest way to get to know someone in a relaxed and comfortable environment, usually there could be a certain tension around having your chance to make this one-on-one time an experience worthwhile. 

Coffee dates are convenient for their casual and relaxed manner. A bulletproof occasion to perhaps enjoy fancier coffee than what you would usually drink, and so if the date is not worth repeating, the experience with your coffee may redeem your time. While we must always appreciate the time each party is investing into getting to know each other, a coffee date should never be about the coffee alone. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your coffee date. 


Interested people are interesting people. 

It is valid to assume that the core reason for this date to take place is the fact that there is a mutual interest, so think critically about the person across the table and wonder not just about what they do for fun or for a living, but why they do so. Ask about the life experiences that shape them and how they got to where they are now -spiritually and mentally. These subjects may seem big or intimidating for a first date, but following a story with a simple ‘why?’ may be all you need to open doors into the core of someone else. Do understand that the answers to your whys will grow in depth and detail, as you two further get  to know each other, but avoiding the small talk from the get-go, is key to a meaningful conversation. 


Add value to the simple things in life. 

As you hold the warm cup thinking what to ask, or what joke is the most appropriate at the moment, take a step back and think of how to add value to what’s already on the table. Anything from the story behind the coffee or coffee shop and a deep conversation about the coffee industry, to a flattering comment about what the other party just shared. For example, “I really liked the fact that as much as your week was hard, you are not complaining about it, and instead, you seem grateful for everything you had the opportunity to do.”  What matters at the core here, is that you remain authentic. Think of what has value to you and lean on that. If you are not truly interested in the cup you are currently holding, skip the subject and dive into subjects in your lane. For example, the YouTube video you just watched about how Guadalupe Roastery helps developing economies in Nicaragua. Subjects such as this one will help you both get to know each other’s view of the world, finances, and altruism. And it all started with that one cup of coffee. 

All there is left is actually making this date happen. Send a casual ‘coffee sometime?’ text and pick your roast and destination. An extra tip, if you would like to impress your date with some in depth knowledge about the coffee bean’s journey from the soil to your cup, click this link and learn more about Guadalupe Roastery’s fair trade commitment. 

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