Why and How Guadalupe Roastery is Pro-Life – GuadalupeRoastery

It’s been a minute since the overturn of Roe vs Wade and the reality is starting to set in. Some are angry, others are happy, but here at Guadalupe Roastery we are mainly ready. We are ready to continue serving families across the world on the mission to raise children and cherish every human life. Whether it is by empowering the farming families we work with through opportunities and a fair remuneration, or simply caffeinating a tired father who still makes time to read a book to his children after a long day. 

Family is at the core of everything we do. All the way from the farmer families to our marketing, sales, and operation teams’ families, and the families who sip our coffee every morning (and after lunch at my household.) We believe every link of this strong chain is forged by unconditional love for every human life, and we are excited to continue growing and serving. 

Many companies have spoken out saying that they will pay for their employees abortion, but at Guadalupe Roastery we understand that no abortion brings financial stability, justice, or healing. Instead, we believe and insist that serving our loved ones is the most worthy pursuit.  We honor the women who selflessly embrace their pregnancies and offer them holistic and unconditional support. 

If you are pregnant and unsure about your situation, please call Aid for Women at 312 621 1100 for unconditional and confidential support at no cost. 

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