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Unsurprisingly, a coffee farmer’s morning is synced with nature. They rise just before sunrise and get ready to touch the land as soon as the sun makes its appearance. There are plenty of benefits to this. Benefits to your health, levels of happiness, and even work performance. Hence, even if you are not spending the day in the fields, it may be worth considering taking some inspiration from coffee farmers. 

Up Early

There’s a local saying that goes “Al que madruga, Dios le ayuda.” meaning God helps those who wake up early. If one is to spend the day in the field, the earlier you get started the more productive you are. This remains true even if your day is spent at a desk. Waking up early and tackling some big tasks early on, will make the rest of your day way much more enjoyable and productive. It also gives the sense of showing up ready for the day instead of the feeling of catching up when one wakes up later. 

Breakfast of Champions

Coffee farmers don’t skimp on their breakfast. Their work life relies on their physical skills and they make sure to have the energy and strength necessary to have a successful day of work. Hot Cocoa is more popular as a breakfast drink than coffee (even though it remains popular) due to its nutritional and caloric value. For solids, eggs are a staple given their availability in the farms, and are usually accompanied by some sort of bread or arepa. Arepas are corn based pancakes, but lacking the sweetness and are sturdy enough to be held as a bread. 

A Morning Walk

As farms are often located in remote areas, every farmers’ commute involves some degree of walking. Starting your day with a peaceful walk is a great way to activate your mind and body as it brings oxygen to our blood streams. Working from home has left many jumping from bed directly to our computer screens with little in-between. Consider taking a lap around your block before sitting in your desk, for the sake of giving your mind and body a more refreshing start. 



Personal growth is all about removing not so great habits and adding better habits. Easier said than done many times, but still very much worth the effort. Try these ones and pay attention to how it affects your well being. Science suggests that we all make better decisions when we are in a positive mind frame, and these morning habits are intended to do so for you. Start your day with these positive habits and hopefully it will snowball into plenty of goodness for the rest of the day. 

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