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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, does not know the kinds of coffee money can buy. 

Can coffee really make you happier? This question has quite a hot take as our individual happiness cannot be established by outside factors such as what we choose to consume. Nonetheless, there is scientific proof and vast tradition to prove that coffee can have a positive effect on our levels of happiness. 

Coffee is a natural antidepressant


It is widely known that coffee has an impact on your brain. What is especially fascinating is that recent studies show that coffee blocks our brain's receptors from bonding with adenosine, a chemical that causes fatigue and often as a consequence, depression. This is similar to how anti-depressant medication works, but its impact is milder, which makes coffee ideal for the everyday citizen trying to beat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or simply needing some extra help to get out of bed when feeling tired and it’s snowing. 

As previously discussed in this article, coffee is also highly anti-inflammatory and promotes a healthy gut, which is crucial for a healthy brain. Mental health is not only about positive feelings, thoughts, and emotions, but also about a properly functioning brain and coffee has proven again and again to be a natural aid for our brains. 

Coffee helps us bond

As it is, historically coffee has been implemented as an excuse to bond among people. Whether it is sisters catching up over the phone while taking their coffee breaks, businessmen closing a trade at a coffee shop, or trouble makers meeting up at coffee houses; coffee is the common denominator among numerous bonding activities throughout human history. 

Do you remember the Dalgona coffee? It was a quite special global moment when during the first days of the global quarantine the recipe for Dalgona coffee went viral and people across the world shared their proud attempts to become a barista. It was the common interest in the drink and the human need for connection that sparked the now famous moment, and whether you enjoyed the Dalgona or not, now there’s a warm memory associated with the drink.

Coffee improves our ability to focus

Caffeine makes us more productive and in the short term, being productive helps us feel accomplished. Even when it comes to simple tasks, we are all happier and less anxious when we are accomplishing things at a stable rate. Surely, none of us depend on coffee to be productive and efficient, but we can't deny how much it helps! Starting your morning with a moment of pause, prayer, and reflection in the morning while you slowly sip on your morning cup sets you up for a productive day. Even if you skip through the self reflective part of this routine, starting your day stimulation your brain through coffee is a healthy way to awake your body. 


 I hope you are happy! And I while we must keep it real, and acknowledge the fact that coffee alone won't do the job, I also hope you build routines in your life that are conducive to your mental, physical, and emotional well being. If your day started off, make yourself a nice cup of coffee and start all over again. 

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