Award-Winning Film "In The Space Between the Ages" - Sponsored by Guad – GuadalupeRoastery

Award-Winning Film "In the Space Between the Ages" - Sponsored by Guadalupe Roastery

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The film "The Space Between the Ages," sponsored by Guadalupe Roastery and partly filmed at St. Patrick's Cathedral, has garnered significant recognition in the realm of art. The film recently clinched the prestigious Catholic Art Institute award on March 18, 2024. This accolade underscores the exceptional artistic merit and cultural significance of the production.

In a letter addressed to Mr. MacManus, "In the Space Between the Ages," the Letters to Artists Film Festival expressed its heartfelt congratulations on the film's remarkable achievement. The festival organizers announced that the film has been honored with the First Place Award along with a $500 prize. Furthermore, they extended an invitation to showcase the acclaimed work at their forthcoming Festival.

Scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 14, 2024, the screening of "The Space Between the Ages" will grace the stage of the historic Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse, situated in Arlington, VA, within the vibrant Washington DC metro area. This esteemed venue serves as a fitting backdrop for the presentation of a cinematic masterpiece.

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