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How Much Coffee do I Drink?

Drip coffee and Pour-Over:
Coffee to water ratio is 1:17, that's 26 cups of coffee for a 14oz bag.

French Press:
The coffee to water ratio is 1:12, . With a 14oz of coffee beans, you can make 19 cups of French press coffee per 14oz of beans.

Espresso Machine:
Is highly concentrated coffee, so the coffee to water ratio (1:2). If you have a 14oz bag you can make around 28 shots of espresso per 14oz of coffee beans.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
J Kastl
Great tasting coffee

Definitely a nice alternative to other blends and brews I currently drink

If you truly like good coffee, try this now!

The flavor complexity of this one makes it one of my favorites. Unbelievable smooth, bright with distinct flavor notes of citrus and earthy berry. Exquisite! Delicious black!

Adam b
Perfect coffee for me

Very smooth, very fresh. Juicy, light notes, but not too light. Will buy again.

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