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Nicaragua Matagalpa

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How Much Coffee do I Drink?

Drip coffee and Pour-Over:
Coffee to water ratio is 1:17, that's 26 cups of coffee for a 14oz bag.

French Press:
The coffee to water ratio is 1:12, . With a 14oz of coffee beans, you can make 19 cups of French press coffee per 14oz of beans.

Espresso Machine:
Is highly concentrated coffee, so the coffee to water ratio (1:2). If you have a 14oz bag you can make around 28 shots of espresso per 14oz of coffee beans.

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Customer Reviews

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Marian Pennington

Shipment was great. Arrived on time. Coffee was very fresh. You could tell by the amount of oil. Dark roast was still a very mild cup. If you do not like an acidic flavor, this is very good,

Jeff Schmitz

Nicaragua Matagalpa

Juan S. Chamorro


Jo M

Nicaragua Matagalpa

Victor Sibal
Great coffee while helping the poor

I love the Nicaragua Matagalpa coffee with Italian Sweet creamer. I savor its smell and taste every morning during breakfast. Quite worth the price for its taste, and to start my day with energy and focus.

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