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Camino of Maryland

14 Days - 230 Miles - Continuing 1500 Years of Camino Traditions

Camino of Maryland official coffee page

When contemplating starting the Camino of Maryland, a 14-day, 240-mile journey with a desire to honor 1500 years of pilgrimage tradition, we discussed the essentials of an authentic Camino experience. One such essential that percolated in our discussions was coffee. We had to find a coffee partner who could help us capture the essence of the Camino of Maryland and meet the pilgrim right in that moment of great indecision. You know that heroic moment, where virtue is won or lost, that moment, as a pilgrim laces their boots to take one more step. It is this moment when they quietly try to answer the question: “Do you Camino?”. It is this make-or-break moment when a killer cup of coffee crushes your inner hobbit, and reminds you that even without a second breakfast you will keep walking. Here at the Camino of Maryland, we found that partner in Guadalupe Roastery. Together we give you the taste of the Camino of Maryland in Garrit’s Blend. Who is Garrit you ask, Garrit was one of those wild and wooly catholic gentleman adventurers who helped found Maryland and opened the first coffee house in the city of St. Mary’s. As his unmarked grave in Chaple Field is on the Camino of Maryland trail it felt right to give him a shoutout. While this is not an endorsement of everything Garrit ever said thought or did, it is a shout-out to a fellow catholic pilgrim who brought coffee roasting and drinking to Maryland in the 1670s.  


Warning: Camino of Maryland coffee is not to be consumed by those seeking comfort or another seed cake or two, it has been known to cause adventure in pursuit of virtue. If your mornings feel like a Camino, they probably are…. So try the Garrit Blend and see if you can take one more step and crush your Camino!

Coffee for common Good

- The Common Good, which is defined as the sum total of social conditions that allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment in its entirety. This is what we strive to uphold -

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