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When the coffee is good, you don’t need much to make it special. Your local coffee shop may have seasonal specialties with an ingredient list and directions longer than the instructions for rocket fuel, but it really shouldn’t take that much to get your powerful drink together. 

When farmers crave making a treat out of their coffee, their go-to recipe preserves the flavor of the beans and maintains the simplicity of things in the countryside. 

Without further due, here is the recipe:

Ideally, boil some water and panela (raw sugar cane) in a pot until it melts and creates a syrup. You should be able to find panela under the exotic or ethnic aisle of super markets or at a Hispanic food store. The ingredient is cheap and one of the healthiest forms of sugar as it is rich in minerals. If all fails, brown sugar will do! Melt the brown sugar with water and add the syrup to your favorite brew. 

There’s no strict or perfect ratio for this recipe as you can accommodate it to your own level of sweet cravings. 

This drink is a perfect dessert as it helps with digestion and the sweetness satisfies any sweet tooth. If you are serving it for a large party, it is a good idea to brew a good pot of coffee and serve the panela or raw sugar syrup in a separate pitcher. It should be liquid enough to be simply poured, but if it turns out denser, a small bowl with a spoon will do as well. 

You won’t find this recipe in coffee shops, but if you ever get to travel to a coffee farm, expect to enjoy this simple treat and be reminded that good coffee doesn’t need much. Nonetheless, if you enjoy coffee with “much” (no judgment here) check this blog out for some unique coffee recipes from around the world!

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