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If you’ve ever walked into a sophisticated coffee shop or bought coffee from any brand or store that’s not generic you’ve heard the term single origin. In short, if the coffee bag you are holding says “single origin” it means that every bean in that bag comes from the same location. It can be as broad as the same geographical region (I.e Uganda) or as precise as giving you the name of the family in whose farm those beans were cultivated, washed, and dried. 

Some people take pride in testing coffee non-stop until they find a favorite bean and commit to buying it. There’s plenty of reasons why you’d commit to a particular bean. Some people do it for the unique flavor, others do it for more altruistic reasons such as the desire to support a particular community and farm. There’s even deeply romantic reasons… I know a couple who honeymooned at a coffee farm in Colombia and ten years later, they still purchase coffee from that specific farm as a constant reminder of their first days as husband and wife.

Quality coffee is sold with coordinates. In some cases it even explains in detail the soil that nourishes the beans. It may say: volcanic, sea level, etc. This may seem unnecessary to most, but once you pay attention you realize that this description is like a DNA thread. Once you understand it, it dictates exactly the tones, acidity, and flavor of the coffee. Some of which you can smell through the bag, but most of it can’t be truly enjoyed until the coffee is brewed. 

Around here at Guadalupe Roastery, we are big fans of single origin coffee for two main reasons: it is one of the easiest ways to guarantee quality beans as we are aware of the methods and techniques used in each farm and the farmers’ commitment to preserve their craft. The second reason is that we can see the direct positive economic impact of our customers and our own coffee expenses. By cutting the middle men and the large corporate transactions, more profit falls directly on the farmers' hands allowing them greater economic opportunities and elevating their standard of living. Coffee tastes much better this way.

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