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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is an organization that oversees the quality of specialty coffee worldwide. In 1984, the SCA introduced a scoring system known as the SCA Cupping Form, which involves evaluating coffee using 10 categories. According to this coffee-tasting protocol, coffee that scores above 80 points on a scale ranging from 0 to 100 is classified as specialty coffee. If the coffee surpasses 85 points, it is considered excellent. And if it exceeds 90 points, we are presented with an exceptional coffee.


The relationship between quality and price in the coffee industry is closely intertwined. As the score of a coffee increases, its price tends to rise as well. It is challenging to find high-quality coffee at a low cost, which we think is "impossible". Guadalupe Roastery has joined the exclusive club of the top 3% of coffee beans worldwide. We are excited to announce that we will soon be introducing an Exquisite Coffee collection sourced from Jamaica and Hawaii.

To enhance the flavor and provide a fresh sensation, our coffee is roasted in small batches on a regular basis. This ensures that when you receive and open a bag of Guadalupe Roastery coffee, you can experience the delightful aroma and savor the delicious taste.

What comments do the two main coffee brands in the United States deserve from specialists?

The two primary coffee brands (referred to as commercials above in the chart) that distribute their products through supermarket chains in the United States are generally classified as commercial coffee, typically scoring below 80. These coffees often exhibit clean cups, a creamy body, hints of chocolate, citric acidity, and medium sweetness. To lower costs, these brands often create blends by mixing in cheaper coffee or using flavorings to mask any defects in the coffee.


Review by:

Hazell Beteta | Coffee specialist, national and international coffee Jury, endorsed by SCA

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