Guadalupe Airdrops

As a company we are always looking to innovate and improve our experience for our subscribers and new customers, that’s why over the last year we’ve done a full revamping of our customer service platform, introduced rich context through our Blog, and started a TV show to spread our mission and ethos! 

What’s next you might ask? In two words, Community Focus.

We are constantly ideating on ways to put our customers first, creating exclusivity, and community in the process. Introducing the Guadalupe Airdrop, a gift from us to you, through which we will be giving “airdropping” various gifts, prizes, and one on one time with our farmers/team, to early supporters and subscribers of our company.

- What People Say About Guadalupe -

Celia Berry

"Seriously the best coffee I’ve had! Super amazing customer service. I love that I’m buying coffee from my father’s home country and actually KNOWING who’s farm the coffee comes from. Highly recommend. You don’t know great coffee until you’ve gotten it from here!!!"

Micah Nantz

"I have had the coffee subscription for years and I love their coffee. They have great customer service and a great mission."